A Stingy Man Will Never Become The President Of Nigeria – Fr Mbaka Blasts Obi

The controversial Catholic Priest Ejike Mbaka described President-elect aspirations of Peter Obi as a dream. Peter Obi as a wish that is unlikely to fruition.

Father Mbaka made the declaration in his weekly prayer gathering on Wednesday. The well-known Catholic Priest also stated that Obi as a greedy politician and stated that it is more beneficial for an old, generous person to win the election than a politician who is stingy.

Mbaka also stated that in the decision to leave Peter Obi out of his team, the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar is now serious to run for the country’s top seat.


Recall Fr. Mbaka campaigned for the election of president Buhari as the president. He said Buhari is the only hope for an all-inclusive Nigeria. and also slammed Peter Obi earlier and later apologized, however.

Fr Mbaka continued to call on Nigerians to support Atiku and said that he has shown his determination to win the Seat of President by quitting Peter Obi.

The latest developments were reported via social news media of the BBC News broadcasting platform. They posted the news via their official Facebook account on the 15th of June of June 2022.

They have reported they had heard that Fr Mbaka has stated his position that Peter Obi Will never win the presidency of Nigeria.

Fr. Mbaka also outlined in detail the reasons as to why Peter Will never win that seat.

In his review, Fr Mbaka stated that Peter Obi is a very selfish man who is unable to offers help or assistance to others.

He further stated it is because Peter Obi does not have the spirit of giving. therefore, it’s more beneficial to choose an older man who is possessed of the Spirit of giving rather than choosing an unpopular young man such as Peter Obi. Therefore, Bola Tinubu or Atiku is the better choice.

He also said that he assisted Peter Obi to return back to the office after his impeachment as governor of Anambra State and since then Obi has never been able to express gratitude to God for it.

When he spoke about Atiku’s candidature as president of Nigeria, Mbaka stated that, by dropping Peter the candidate, he’s indicated that he’s now prepared to run for the presidency of Nigeria.

We must remember this fact: Peter Obi is the Ex Governor of Anambra state. His work in the State during his tenure has established him as a responsible person.


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