Asari Dokubo Carries AK47, Blasts Obidients For ‘Lying About 2 Million March’ (Pics)

asari dokubo carries ak47 blasts
Asari Dokubo, a former leader of the Niger Delta insurgents, recently uploaded a video in which he demonstrated AK-47 guns against “Obidients.”
Obidients is the term used to refer to the Labour Party’s (LP) Mr. Peter Obi’s fervent supporters.
Asari Dokubo has already expressed his contempt for the Obidients and Peter Obi, as well as his support for Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate.
Peter Obi should be imprisoned, according to Dokubo, according to a previous social media outburst.
The ex-militant claimed that Obi ought to be imprisoned for investing Anambra State government cash when he was a governor.
Dokubo criticized the Obidients in this most recent viral video for claiming to have held a 2 million man match in Jos Stadium, which can only hold 15,000 spectators.
By showcasing his AK-47 guns and saying he is not frightened of the Obidients, he concluded his video.

“Two million-man match in a fifteen thousand capacity stadium? In fifteen thousand capacity stadium and you held a 2 million-man match? You people should stop lying. Why not show us a stadium filed with 15 thousand people, we’ll accept it.

“Obi is going nowhere. This your Obi movement is a joke. Presenting Obi as a candidate is what any rational human being should not even think about. Presenting Obi as a candidate, a man who failed in Anambra. Nothing to show for in Anambra and that is the best Igbos can present.

“I feel sorry for Igbos. Anybody who talks you abuse them…you can’t abuse me. You can’t do me anything. If you come I go pursue you. Me na Tinubu I dey o. Na Tinubu go win this election o. Obi self no go carry third. I be coward? I dey here.”




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