Atletico Madrid fans protest against plans by club to sign Ronaldo

According to the Mirror, Atletico Madrid fans are opposed to their team acquiring Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United this summer.
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Ronaldo has informed United that he wishes to be allowed to leave the club because he is dissatisfied with the paucity of signings made during the current transfer window and is anxious to participate in the Champions League next season.
Due to family obligations, the 37-year-old was absent from United’s preseason trips of Australia and Thailand.
Additionally, there has been a lot of conjecture about his future. Recently, Atletico Madrid has been mentioned most frequently in papers, followed by Chelsea, Napoli, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Napoli.
To meet La Liga financial requirements, Atletico allegedly would have to drastically cut their wage budget in order to sign Ronaldo.
The fact that Ronaldo played for Atleti’s bitter rivals Real Madrid from 2009 to 2018 is another obstacle to the agreement because Los Colchoneros supporters do not want him to join their team.
Angry fans have banded together on Twitter under the hashtag #ContraCR7 [AgainstCR7] to express their unhappiness and, hopefully, sway the club’s decision.
“I’ll cancel my two memberships if this one arrives to my Atleti,” the customer said. One fan wrote on Twitter, “We are not a filth collection facility.
Another person commented, “This isn’t just about Atletico fans, every club’s fans should reject Ronaldo.
“A clown who stands for all that is not Atleti. The locker room, the spectators, and everything else it touches would be destroyed. One Atleti supporter remarked, “It is not even sustained athletically, [he’s] in clear decline. Another person echoed this sentiment, saying, “At the Club we would never put the results of the brand, image or economic benefits before the sports or social ones.
At United, where he is under contract for another year, Ronaldo earns a weekly salary of about £500,000.
And the club’s new manager Erik ten Hag has been adamant about his position on Ronaldo’s future there.
On July 11, he declared, “We are planning with Cristiano for this season, so that’s all, and I am looking forward to working with him.”
“I talked to him before this problem arose. He and I had a really interesting talk, but it will remain private between us. Cristiano, though, is not for sale.



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