Best Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker For 2022 In Nigeria

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Portable speakers are fast becoming the trend amongst corporate workers, students, entertainers and several other groups that needs sound in their everyday life. These Speakers play a major role in enhancing sound from any connected device and can beused to play music , make calls which is very essential especially if two or more persons are to make use of the sound.

There are quite a number of portable easy to carry around Speakers with exciting features but far from these features, you have to consider the specs of the Speaker before buying so as not to frustrate your experience and need for the speakereventually.

What you should consider and look out for before getting anySpeaker should be;

1) The battery life – How long it lasts when playing songs or streaming live on them matters.

2) How portable and pocket friendly are they

3) Ruggedness – type of coats on the speaker should be resistant to dust – water and be able to stand the test of getting damaged when they fall from any height nor get scratched or peeled off any point in time.

4) How stylish – if you will like to show them off, the variety of colours the speakers have amongst other things to consider when you want to grade it

5) Audio output – Loud and Clear speakers are the best and this is the most important of all. What is the need of a speaker if its audio is annoying to the hears or not audible at all even when it’s in his highest.

6) How fast they can Connect with devices and sync

7) Fast Charge and Long range Connectivity features

8) Price

Here are our top picks of the best mini and micro Bluetooth Speakers to consider


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Tribit released the StormBox Micro in 2020. This model has animproved sound and battery life, along with a charge-out feature that turns the speaker into a power bank for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. An integrated strap allows you to clip it to your backpack or your bike’s handlebars. Like the original, it’s an excellent value and easy to recommend if you’re looking for a super compact portable wireless speaker. Price is around N25,200 ($60).

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Sony’s smallest Bluetooth speaker has been modestly upgraded with some design refinements and slightly improved sound from the first version XB01 to the latest XB13. This model SRS-XB13 is both dust- and waterproof with an IP67 certification and is rated for 16 hours of battery life at moderate volume levels (it has USB-C charging). The speaker plays bigger than you’d think for its small size, with some punch to its bass.

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The XB13 is available in multiple color options and includes a strap so you can attach it to various objects. It also has speakerphone capabilities with an integrated microphone. It is around the same price as TRIBIT storm box and priced at N25,500 ($60).


BOSE Soundlink Micro

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BOSE Soundlink Micro

Bose SoundLink Micro sounds remarkably decent for its tiny size, delivering more bass than other pocketable speakers. It’s a fully waterproof Bluetooth speaker and a little pricey due to the upgrade done with this version. It is a pocket-size friendly speaker. Below are the spec of the speaker.

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BOSE Soundlink Micro

• Size: 1.5 inches (38 mm) high by 3.75 inches (95 mm) wide and deep

• Weight: 10 ounces (290 grams)

• Battery life: 6 hours

• IPX rating: IPX7 (waterproof, and designed to withstand more than the rating entails)

• Charger: Micro-USB

• Price: N42,000 ($100)

• Colors: Black, midnight blue and bright orange


Digifon Boom-Q (portable Bluetooth Speaker)

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Digifon Boom-Q

The Boom Q are a mini portable and pocket friendly Speakers with beautiful compact sound package that allows for sound separation and let you pair two of the speakers or more with one device to enjoy an extra Boom output experience. The battery life when fully charged last up to about 9 hours which is similar to the energy efficiency of the JBL flip 3, Sony SRS-XB13 and Bose Soundlink mini speakers.

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Digifon Boom-Q

Boom-Q mini speaker has quite a number of other awesome features to consider like its SD Card Port, AUX port that allows you connect cables to play, it has IPX4 Splash and dust proof feature, a nicely attached braided hook that let you carry it around easily and an advanced Inbuilt Microphone that allows you talk directly while connected to the Bluetooth Speaker without any form of glitch in the sound reception from caller to receiver.

This speaker is quite affordable than the rest and that’s probably because they “digifon” are trying to get more attention and be notice in the Nigeria market but you should know that they are a brand from Canada that build products that are Federal Communication Commission (FCC) certified for North America and Central Europe (CE) certified for Europe.

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Digifon Boom-Q

Take advantage of their low price offers and get it if you are ready to get a mini speaker for your getaway trip or hang out during the holidays right away with a 1 year Warranty attachedat N20,000 ($48)



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This JBL model is dust and water-resistant thanks to its IP67 rating. This portable speaker is designed with a built-in carabiner clip, so you can easily attach this speaker to your backpack, belt loop, and more. On a full charge, the JBL Clip 4gives you up to 10 hours of playback, but if you use the included micro-USB cable you can recharge the speaker, so the music never has to stop.

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More Ways to Connect – if Bluetooth is not available, you can plug an audio cable to enjoy your music all the same.

The JBL Clip 4 has an improved durable fabric material and rugged rubber housing that protects your speaker from all forms of scratch and peels.

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▪︎ Model: JBL CLIP4REDAM | Red

▪︎ Wireless Bluetooth Streaming

▪︎ Bold style and ultra-portable design

▪︎ Upgraded integrated carabiner

▪︎ IP67 waterproof and dust proof

▪︎ Battery Type: Li-ion Polymer | 3.885Wh

▪︎ Charge Time: 3 hours | Music play time: Up to 10 hours

▪︎ Dimension: 8.6 x 13.5 x 4.6 cm | Weight: 0.24kg.

▪︎ 100% Genuine

Price ranges on the store you’re getting it from and it’s between- N40,000 – N45,000 ($99 – $108)





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