Bike Mens Safety Is Very Important – Honorable Abimbola Yenukunme Ajose (AYA2023)

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On the 3rd of march,2022 Honorable Abimbola Yenukunme Ajose the convener of the AYA2023 movement and an aspirant for the Lagos state house assembly for Badagry constituency 1 expressed concern about the safety of bikemen in the constituency.
“Every man or woman who leaves his/her house daily to make a living deserves to be safe at all times” Ajose said.

He further expressed his displeasure as to how bike men are left to operate on the highway and suggested the use of reflective jackets for them most especially those who work till late at night so that vehicles and trucks can see the reflection from afar and drive carefully to avoid hurting them or hurting anyone.

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Honorable Abimbola Yenukunme Ajose took a step further to back this concern by providing over 200 reflective jackets for bike men not only in his constituency but across Badagry at Large.

He promises to do more for other transportation workers as part of his quest to further develop Badagry constituency 1 and to make sure everyone returns home safely daily to their families.



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