Biography: Segun Ajayi Friday, ‘SHEGG’ singer, guitarist and songwriter

Segun Ajayi Friday, popularly known as SHEGG, is a talented singer, songwriter and record producer who comes from a music and entertainment enthusiastic family. He developed his love for music at a very tender age. He has always enjoyed the thrill of adding emotions to music in his words And Strings.

He started doing music officially in 2020, and he recorded multiple tracks in 2020 and 2021 and surprisingly these songs gave him recognition and positive feedback from friends, fans and family, The Kogi state born rising star is based in Lagos Nigeria and has featured on some major stage performances and Events.

His recent single ‘CONNECT’, which just dropped and is fast gathering a good number of positive reviews ahead of other releases, talks about plea for greater networking, Shegg’s sound features Popping Rhythm, Afro pop, groovy Afro beat mixed with Strings and a little bit of the trending African sound, this is a new different sound for the world to accept and for the youths and old to relate to on an unlimited scale.

Growing up, SHEGG found himself experimenting with and being immersed in a range of styles of music. While in school, He would coordinate himself, write and compose lyrics. With an open minded and fierce Interest for anything musical. Shegg tends to crave out something that’s his own and ultimately ready to bring his talent to the world stage.

Here are a few pictures of Shegg below.


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