BNXN exposes how some singers top charts wifh fake streams

bnxn buju

Award-winning performer and singer BNXN, alias Buju, has made a startling allegation and revelation about how some Nigerian artists are able to reach the top of the charts on all streaming platforms without anyone really listening to the song.

The singer admitted that some musicians do pay to have their songs streamed in order to improve their rankings on the charts and grow the number of streams they receive. In several pop cultures around the world, this practice is referred as as the utilization of “streaming farms.”

Streaming farms are services that record companies and artists employ to artificially inflate their audience statistics on streaming websites and create buzz about their acts. These actions are concerning because musicians who refrain from taking part in them fare much worse on the charts and in terms of streaming figures.

Nigeria is the only country where this technique is not common in the music industry, but according to BNXN’s social media posts, this service is now available in Nigeria’s entertainment sector.

The music industry is overrun by these activities since musicians with inflated statistics frequently win prizes and receive sizable payments from streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and others.

His message said:

Now, Nigeria has streaming farms. A place where your record company executives pay money to have your music played by automation; there are no actual fans or other people there; it’s all simply a facade. Your day is coming even though you make the folks who actually labor for this suffer. Enikure


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