Earlier yesterday, been 22nd March 2022, the constitution review committee Chairman, Odaji John Idiku; who was appointed by the National President, Cross River University of Technology Alumni Comrade Paul Agwu at the last Governing Council interactive session with Alumni was attacked at the Vice Chancellor office.
You would recall that a similar meeting was called by the Governing Council Chairman earlier this month in a bid to interface with and broker lasting peace to the Association after it’s last elections. During the last gathering, a 6- man committee led by Comrade Odaji John Idiku were Commissioned by the leadership to look at a document presented by Castro Ezama and further advise it.
However, hell broke loose when the second meeting slated for Tuesday became rowdy following the objection by the review committee Chairman, that only committee members who were invited stay for the meeting, and  all non committee members were to excused them.
It is on record that the Governing Council meeting was been presided by the Vice Chancellor Cross River University of Technology Prof. Augustine Oko Angba rather than the Governing Council Chairman. John’s insistence in a bid to conclude the review process that only Committee members as invited be allowed to participate got some unscrupulous and aggressive persons who accompanied the immediate past National President,  Comrade Eyam Abeng IPP to the meeting to disrupt the entire process.
Speaking with the Chairman, Odaji John said, “ I got an invitation from the office of Council notifying me and other  members of the review committee to attend a council meeting to brief it on the progress report from the task we were given penultimate week. I was first shocked to notice that the meeting called by Council was now handled by the school management team. We overlooked that, hoping that cooperation will come from the handlers.
“We however asked that the letters and contents of the invitation be followed, that committee members only be admitted for the meeting as against the mammoth crowds of students and a few alumnus at venue. This and a few other remarks insisting that we stick to the agenda got the Vice Chancellor infuriated, who subsequently left the meeting”.
“This ofcourse was the basis I was threatened  and attacked by some misguided alumnus while within the Vice Chancellor office environment.
The said persons staged a fight with the constitution review Committee chairman Mr. Odaji right in front of the Vice Chancellor.
As God would have it, the Chairman successfully  escaped from this aggressive attack with the intervention of security personnels who skillfully whisked  him away from the mob who had cordon the office and school environment in wait for him.
To this effect, the meeting was called off and postponed indefinitely to when there may be need,  there’s calmness and normalcy and transparency in the process.
One of the committee members was not as lucky as John as his documents and phones were damaged and taken away from him.
Speaking further with some alumnus at the venue, most of them expressed worries as to the reasons and why the level of interest the Vice Chancellor have in who becomes the leaders of Association. While others also felt the position  and stand of the review Committee Chairman must have been responsible for the violent reactions seen at that moment.
The Chairman assured all members to be calm, avoid responding in like manner and allow the security agencies attend to the many threats to his life by some very known persons amongst the members.
He further advised members to disregard any other reports pertaining to this meeting suggesting otherwise, as the Association remain one and determined to make productive contribution to the growth of the University of Cross River State and it’s members under the leadership of Comrade Paul Adugba Agwu.




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