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CMMS: What is Computerized Maintenance Management System?

CMMS: What is Computerized Maintenance Management System?

What challenges may be encountered in using a system to improve operations?

What is Computerized Maintenance Management System ?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System () is an invaluable asset for any business, large or small, focused on securing their operations’ long-term success. It is a software system enabling you to keep your equipment and facilities in a state of good repair. It combines several administrative functions, such as preventative maintenance, repair tracking, and asset management, into a reliable and information-rich software setting.

Benefits of

The benefits of are numerous and far-reaching. The following are a few of the main advantages of utilizing a platform:

    • Enhanced Productivity: With , asset and work order management, as well as inventory tracking, become far more efficient. Scheduling and planning preventive maintenance is made quicker and easier. As a result, maintenance staff can carry out more tasks in a shorter amount of time.


    • Reduced Downtime: Through careful preventative maintenance and tracking of all asset information and related maintenance tasks, helps you to reduce not only the number of asset failures but also the time required to fix them. This keeps your business running smoothly and maximizes productivity.


    • Cost Reduction: ensures that staff is utilized optimally, while resources are allocated in an effective and efficient manner. also provides an invaluable source of data, enabling you to compare and analyze the effectiveness of different suppliers and activities.


    • Improved Compliance: In addition, helps you maintain compliance and data security. Depending on the industry, organizations need to adhere to different regulations or mandates. makes it easier to do this, with customizable reports and notifications.
CMMS: What is Computerized Maintenance Management System?
CMMS: What is Computerized Maintenance Management System?

What Do You Need For ?

In order to make effective use of and maximize its potential, you will need certain prerequisites. Specifically, you should have:

    • Asset Information: You will need to have detailed and accurate information regarding your business’ assets. This includes complete and up-to-date specifications, the estimated useful life, repairing/replacement costs, and the location of each asset.


    • Maintenance history: You will also require a complete overview of all maintenance activities carried out over the years. systems are not just useful for managing current assets—they also enable you to keep track of the maintenance of historical assets, for the purpose of planning or reformulating preventative activities.


    • Maintenance labor: You should also have a specialized labor force available to carry out maintenance and repair tasks.


    • Integrated assets: If your business entails a large installation or multiple interconnected assets, you should ensure that all will be compatible with the application.


Frequently Asked Questions about


What are the benefits of ?

The main benefits of are improved productivity, cost reduction, reduced downtime and improved compliance.

How do you use ?

can be used by businesses to track assets, their warranties and maintenance activities, automating work order and maintenance tasks such as preventive maintenance and inventory tracking.

How much does a cost?

The cost of a system will depend on the size of your business and the features you need. Most systems range from $25 per month up to several hundred dollars.

Does require specialized staff?

Yes, requires a specialized labor force which can carry out maintenance and repair tasks.

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