Crossdresser James Brown breaks into depression over leaked sextape

Nigeria crossdresser James Brown 1
Crossdresser James Obialor, also known as James Brown, from Nigeria, expressed his sorrow about his leaked sex tape on Tuesday.
On Monday, videos of James Brown and an unnamed lady having sex were all over social media.
When James Brown, who occasionally dresses as a woman, claimed that he had a girlfriend, the video went viral.
Do you know one thing you guys don’t comprehend, James Brown stated in a video he posted on his Instagram page on Monday? You folks didn’t believe me when I told you that I had a girlfriend. Do I not appear to be a man?
Bring your lady and give me a chance to nick her front and rear.
Twitter users criticized the self-described “Princess of Africa” for having sex with a woman while he also identifies as one in the video that trended alongside the sex clip.
James Brown admitted on Tuesday that he was sad and despondent as a result of the abuse.
He also admitted that he had trouble falling asleep and felt as though he was dreaming.
I have trouble sleeping. James Brown wrote, “I’m having a nasty dream.
“I am sad and depressed for the first time in a long time,” he continued. I’m worn out and depressed. Is this how it really feels?



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