Elon Musk Accused Of S3xual Misconduct By SpaceX Flight Attendant

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A new report has accused Elon Musk of s3xual misconduct.

Musk suggests that the attack is part of a series of “political attacks” by Democrats, but he won’t comment directly on it.

Although the alleged misconduct occurred in 2016, it was revealed by Insider after an acquaintance of the victim made the allegations.

According to the friend who is named in this report, a woman was hired by SpaceX as a flight attendant on Musk’s corporate aircraft. She was then encouraged by SpaceX personnel to become a certified masseuse.

She claimed that Musk behaved inappropriately while she was receiving a massage on a 2016 flight to London. Insider has the following to say about the incident:

According to the declaration, the flight attendant informed her friend that Musk, a billionaire SpaceX founder and Tesla founder, asked her to visit his room on a late 2016 flight “for a full-body massage.” The attendant arrived to find Musk “completely n3ked, except for a sheet covering his lower half.”

Musk was said to have “exposed his genitals” during the massage. He then “touched her and offered her to buy her a home if she would do more,” referring to the performing of s3x acts.

The flight attendant refused to accept the s3xual favors request and told her friend that she had started booking less frequently on SpaceX’s plane.

The flight attendant hired an employment lawyer in 2018 and reported the incident at SpaceX.

SpaceX gave her $250,000 in a severance package, according to reports.

After a session with Musk’s mediator, the attendant’s complaint was quickly resolved. The matter was never resolved in a court of arbitration or a court.

Musk, SpaceX, and the flight attendant signed a severance deal in November 2018. This agreement provided $250,000 to the attendant in return for the promise not to sue over the claims.

Also, she reportedly signed an NDA. Insider said that this is why the story is being published based on the account of an unnamed friend about what the flight attendant told her.

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