Elon Musk condemns Twitter’s Donald Trump ban, speaks on how he will reverse it

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Elon Musk has stated that he will be able to reverse Twitter’s prohibition on the former president Donald Trump.

The soon to be owner of Twitter has blasted the microblogging site for suspending Trump for a period of time.

Musk spoke at a meeting on Tuesday, 10 May during the Future of the Car event in London, Musk said: “I believe that it was not right to stop Donald Trump, I believe that was an error.

“I would like to reverse the perma-ban. I’ll say that I don’t have Twitter at the moment therefore this isn’t an event that can be expected to take place, as what happens do I do if I don’t have Twitter? My opinion and Jack Dorsey, I want to be crystal clear, supports this view, that we shouldn’t have perma-bans.”

Musk stated that the Twitter’s decision to block Trump on January 20, 2020 after the Capitol incident, “was a morally bad decision that was unambiguous and naive to the point of being foolish.”

“It has alienated a significant part of the nation and did not lead to Donald Trump not having an opportunity to speak,” the Tesla CEO declared.

On the morning the Twitter’s board agreed to Musk’s offer to purchase the company for $44 billion, Trump said he hoped Musk would buy the company, but he also said Truth Social, his personal Truth Social would be the only platform he’d use.

“I will not be on Twitter I’m going to remain on Truth,” Trump told Fox News on April 25.

“I believe Elon purchases Twitter since he’s going to make changes to the platform and is an excellent person, however I’ll stay in the realm of Truth.”

Musk on Tuesday stated Musk on Tuesday that Trump switching towards Truth Social was proof of the inability that was Twitter completely banning Trump permanently.

The SpaceX CEO stated that bans should be very rare and should only be imposed on fake accounts and bots.

When asked if Trump’s remarks on the insurrection of January 6 merited the need for action, Musk said: “A temporary suspension is appropriate , but not a ban that is permanent.”




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