Eyewitness narrates what happened between Burna Boy and married lady that was assaulted by the singer

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A new twist on the Cubana club shooting that involved singer Burna Boy’s security guard and the club’s patron has come to light.

This comes just several hours after Briella Neme, the wife of Briella Neme who Burna was able to accost, ended her silence.

A witness has questioned her claim to be true.

In a post on Twitter, an eyewitness who was identified as King Kong claimed the woman went out to take photos together with Burna Boy, which did not go over well with her husband.

Instead of waiting for his wife’s return, he went to the place brutally to get her out He was then confronted by the singer for threatening him.

Things got worse from there, the situation escalated and the singer was forced to leave the stage after a man assaulted the singer. In defense the police officers who were attached to the singer fired into the air.

The Burna Boy enjoyed the scene because it was hilarious to him how an ordinary photograph taking process can become messy.

“What really transpired in the Club Cubana.

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The man’s wife was snapping in with Burna Boy at the top of the VIP corner. Instead of waiting to wait for her return He rushed there with a violent force to get her away, and then was dissuaded for his confrontational attack by the security of Burna Boy.

After the situation began to escalate, Burna took the decision to go home with a small group of people. The same people protesting in a rage, made an attempt to assault Burna. The police officers, who were who were attached to Burna who fired to disperse them, accidentally striking two people.

Burna through the whole time was trying to get out of the way and was even smiling (like what’s the matter with that) But this person was after more than the whole thing and made his petty gesture of taking a selfies with an apparent fan escalate rapidly’.




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