“Fatness is the definition of riches” – Cubana Chief Priest slams Uche Maduagwu and others

Celebrity bar man and socialite, Cubana Chief Priest has finally replied actor Uche Maduagwu and others who rebuked him for his post on Summer body.


The celebrity bar man had advised Nigerian youths never to forget summer money while working hard on summer body.

According to him, it is ‘juju’ for one to have a summer body without summer money. “You have summer body but you don’t have summer money, no be juju be that. How & where you wan go show the body. Hustle oh!!!! Make your summer body no end for bar beach. As you dey hustle for better body no forget to get plenty money”. He wrote.

Slamming the celebrity barman, actor, Uche Maduagwu said it is good to get summer money, but what is the essence of summer money when you are down with obesity.

He then advised Cubana Chiefpriest to work out more so he can enjoy all his ‘summer zobo money

Finally replying him, Cubana shared a throwback picture of himself when he was slimmed as he revealed that he had that body because he was fasting and praying for wealth.

For him, fat is a definition of riches as one can only fuck up if he or she is fat and broke.

“Moved from an Adidas Boy to A Balenciaga Boss, fat for me is the definition of rich you can fuck up if you fat and broke. If I want this body back I will just go back to fasting & praying. For now I dey use my fat sell out my @glenmorangie”.

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