Forty Years Ago, 1 Pound Was 0.8189 Naira – Rufai Oseni

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Rufai Oseni Arise TV Host has taken to his tweeter account to express his wish for a better Nigeria.

Read his tweets .

I stumbled on my mum’s 1982 passport,she got BTA,793 Naira was 650pounds.1 pound was 0.8189 Naira.
40 years after,1 pound is 865Naira

corrigendum:1 Naira was 0.8189 Sterling


If we get leadership right,In 10 years, Nigeria can be a global power!


A country’s greatness is directly proportional to the mindset of its leaders and the raised to power square commitment of its people.


A country’s currency is only as strong as the mentality of its leaders. While all the brouhaha went on last week,the British government defended the pound sterling with 65billion Pounds in one day

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