Harry Maguire urges Manchester United stars to ‘stick together’ and ‘come back fighting’ after their Champions League exit against Atletico


Harry Maguire, Manchester United’s captain, has urged his teammates to keep together as they try to avoid a disastrous season following their Champions League defeat to Atletico Madrid.

The Red Devils’ final chance to end their five-year trophy drought ended on Tuesday night when they lost 1 – 0 to Atletico Madrid, who advanced with a 2 – 1 aggregate advantage thanks to a 1-1 draw in the first leg of this Champions League last-16 contest.

‘Of course, it’ll be a disappointing couple of weeks now,’ he added as Atleti supporters sang long after the final whistle at Old Trafford.

‘The lads need to go, rest, and make sure we come back fighting for the season’s end.’

‘We’ve got nine huge Premier League games ahead of us, and we need to stick together and strive to win every one of them.

‘Obviously, my role as captain plays a significant part in that, as well as ensuring that we stick together and finish the season strong – because we owe it to the fans.’

When Maguire was replaced near the conclusion of Tuesday’s loss to Atletico, home fans booed him sarcastically.

‘I don’t think it’s for me to really comment on European style,’ the defender told beIN Sports. ‘ But, yes, I believe that touching someone is a foul.

In the first couple of minutes, Anthony (Elanga) scores a header. When he heads the ball over the bar, the keeper is likely to bump him, resulting in a foul, thus it’s a different type.

‘I think as a team, we need to learn from it, grow from it, and maintain our discipline.’

‘I felt like we should have been pressing and generating a little bit more in the last 20 to 30 minutes of the game, but we became too frustrated, we started losing our shape, and we lost our game momentum.

‘We need to learn from that, but it’s going to be a tough night tonight because the lads are unhappy.

After the game, both Rangnick and Maguire expressed their displeasure with referee Slavko Vincic’s officiating, with Maguire pointing out a probable infraction on Elanga before Atleti scored the game’s winner.

‘I haven’t looked at it back yet, so I can’t say for sure,’ he said. ‘I’ll have another look at it.’




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