“He was high” – Naira Marley denies assault on Mohbad

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Azeez Fashola, better known by his stage name Naira Marley, is a Nigerian musician, rapper, and music executive. He has responded to Mohbad’s allegation that Marlian Records employees mistreated him.
On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, Mohbad posted videos of himself on Twitter with apparent injuries to his body and said that he had been attacked for trying to fire his manager, who was “their brother.”
The following day, in response to the viral footage, Naira Marley went on Instagram live to refute Mohbad’s claims, asserting that the rapper was actually involved in a brawl and that he (Naira Marley) had attempted to diffuse things.
The head of Marlian Records disclosed that Mohbad is not managed by his brother as he claimed online and that the rapper has previously changed managers. The CEO also implied that Mohbad may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
To further clarify, Naira Marley tweeted that Mohbad has a history of drinking, which has an impact on his emotions and behavior. He stated:

Mohbad has a history of getting intoxicated which affects his emotions and actions. #ImNotPerfect However, all issues would be resolved amicably within the record label.




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