Honorable Abimbola Yenukunme Ajose Empowers More People In Badagry Constituency 1

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19th February 2022 On the initiative of AYA2023 the Badagry constituency 1 house of assembly aspirant HONORABLE ABIMBOLA YENUKUNME AJOSE (AYA2023), supported a great number of youths in his constituency who had acquired various skills and were in need of setups.

HONORABLE ABIMBOLA YENUKUNME AJOSE is a youth who also has the development of other youths at heart. “youth empowerment, is a very key step that we shouldn’t over look as a constituency, asides been a politician I own businesses and I know the number of employment I have been able to create for other” AJOSE said

“Youth empowerment is one of my ambitions in this race for a seat at the Lagos state house of Assembly for 2023 and the aim is to bring together partners from different sectors with the agenda to transform education, work and entrepreneurial outcomes for young people.”

AJOSE added

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Honorable Abimbola Yenukunme Ajose gave out cash, generators, clippers, DSTV, salon set ups and dryers, chairs, tables and many more.

Honorable Abimbola Yenukunme AJOSE stated that lots of youth enter the labour market each year and Job opportunities are influenced by labour market imbalances which poses a threat not only to young workers themselves, but also to nationas economy. The unemployment and poor-quality jobs of youths have negative long-term consequences for the youth hemselves as well as society at large and the earlier they are being tackled, the better for the constituency and the country at large.



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