“I Have Been Managing Peter Obi’s Twitter Account For Years” – Reno Omokri Brags

An aide of the former President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr Reno Omokri in an article in his Instagram has disclosed that he was the one behind Twitter account of the Labour Party (LP) flag bearer Peter Obi. Peter Obi’s Twitter account.
The disclosure came following the death of a staunch supporters for Peter Obi attacked the late Mr. Reno for making use of an one Peter Obi’s nuggets in his blog post.
Mr Reno regularly posts the nugget to his followers to advise his followers to produce instead of consume. Mr Akomas Ikechukwu, who saw the nugget was quick to react to the nugget. Mr Ikechukwu declared that Reno obtained the nugget from Peter Obi’s social media page.
“Consumption will not make you rich. Only production will. Stop looking for ways to slice your life. The result will be a financial mess and you’ll find yourself hating life. Instead, think about ways to make your life more enjoyable. Design and create things. Sell them later. While doing so you’ll be able to chop more your life!”, Reno posted.
“I think u copied this 4rm from several PO’s online clips. You are aware of the reality about 9ja’s consumption of 4rms into the production.”, Ikechukwu reacted.
He Reno who was unhappy with Ikechukwu’s remarks disclosed that he was the person who manages the account of Mr Peter Obi’s Twitter account for a long time. Reno has promised to make more announcements following the election. Reno also admitted that he’s written speeches for top people, including vice and presidents as well as presidents. the presidents.
He wrote:
“What nonsense! I’ve been saying this for years before you Peter Obi. Find out who manages his twitter account over the last a long time. Do not make me reveal confidential details. Let me copy Peter. After the election , I’ll reveal a lot that you aren’t aware of!
I’ve composed speeches for Vice Presidents, Presidents, Ministers, Presidents, and foreign public figures. I do not duplicate. I’m copied by. Nonsense!”

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