Late Osinachi’s sister tells court how the singer’s husband gave her ulcer

Favour Madu, the sister of the late gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu, testified in front of the Federal Capital Territory High Court in Abuja on Monday, June 20, that her husband’s prolonged starvation of Osinachi caused her to develop an ulcer.
Madu said that Nwachukwu starved her sister despite being the breadwinner of the family while appearing as a second witness for the prosecution in the alleged culpable homicide case brought against him by the office of the Attorney-General of the Federation.
“Nwachukwu never supported his family, thus my sister starved to death and got an ulcer as a result. She supported the family financially. The home they occupied is owned by my sister.
It was her first son who acquired a wrapper to cover the baby when he drove her out of the house carrying their last child in the storm.
The upset sister explained to the court that Nwachukwu was referred to by the family as “Manager” because he was in charge of everything, including her money, and because of her fear of him, she could not get along with her family.
“Her spouse never gave her good treatment. He beat her nevertheless, beat her like a beast, never made her happy, and never let her be with her family. She once went for administration, and when she inquired about the stage charge, she was informed that N2,000,000 had been transferred to her husband’s account.
He was in charge of the event arrangements, collecting payments, and only telling her to go minister without providing pocket money. My father wanted to travel to Abuja for medical care when he was sick, but the defendant refused, and he eventually passed away.
The defendant hit her because she objected to his sloppy driving when they were on the way to our father’s funeral.
She stated
I. A. Aliyu, the defense attorney, questioned Madu during cross-examination about how she learned about the events given that she was in Enugu. Madu responded that she learned about them via a phone conversation she had with her sister.
Madu responded positively when Aliyu questioned if the family anticipated financial gain from the estate of her deceased sister.
She claimed that the defendant blocked the deceased’s twin sister and her brother, who were also in the hospital, from asking the physicians what caused the deceased’s death.
The case was put on hold until today, June 22, when the hearing could continue after the court, Justice Njideka Nwosu-Iheme, released the witness.

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