Nigerians will stone Governors soon – Primate Ayodele

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Nigerians will soon be able to buy fuel for N1000 per litre and petrol for N300 per litre, according to INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church leader Primate Elijah Ayodele.

He believes the increase is related to an imminent economic crisis.

Due to a lack of funds, Ayodele believes the Nigerian government will struggle to pay workers.

Ayodele revealed that Nigerians would stone state governors and lawmakers owing to the hardship in a statement sent by his media aide, Oluwatosin Osho, on Monday.

The looming suffering, according to Primate Ayodele, will result in a major protest across the country.

“An economic calamity is coming very soon, before the end of the year,” he predicted. It will be so serious that we will be forced to return to the days of austerity. Diesel will cost between N800 and N1000 per litre. Petrol will become limited, and prices will rise to N300 per litre by the end of the day. For Nigerians, things would get incredibly difficult. Nigeria’s reserve is, in fact, in the red. The country is heavily in debt.

“The country’s finances will be so bad that some state governments would be unable to pay their employees.” Governors and members of the House of Commons will be stoned, and there will be several protests.

“If caution is not used, even the police will go on strike.” Things will deteriorate to the point where they will be unable to pay the stipends to those who guard us. It has turned epileptic, and this will have an impact on Nigeria, causing turmoil, protests, and a possible shutdown of the Buhari government for 5 to 6 hours in protest.”

The preacher suggested that the government enlist God’s help and form an intelligent economic team to reroute the economy.

“If the government wants any reforms, it must involve God, and it must form an intellectual economic team to reroute the economy.” “We need to reintroduce agriculture because oil is already experiencing problems,” he remarked.




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