Police arrests woman accused of dousing 10-year-old maid with hot water mixed with pepper for breaking a plate (graphic photos)

The  AbiaState Police Command has confirmed the arrest of Mrs. Zazi David for dousing her 10-year-old maid with hot water mixed with pepper. Mrs Zazi poured hot water on the girl, an orphan, because she broke a plate.

The command’s spokesperson, Geoffrey Ogbonna, said the suspect also allegedly forced the orphan girl, identified as Ifunanya, to drink the hot, peppery mixture in their apartment located at a housing estate behind Saclux Paint off Aba Road, Umuahia, Abia State.

Visible cane and burn marks on the body of little Ifunayan shows constant abuse.


On one occasion, she is said to have taken the girl to church with burns all over her body. When interrogated over the state of her domestic help, Mrs. David claimed that the victim mistakenly poured hot water on herself that she had boiled to bathe with.

It was also claimed that she raised her voice when the presiding pastor of the church insisted on knowing the truth.

The suspect was eventually exposed when she forced her maid to drink the hot water mixed with pepper, leaving her with burns on her lips, shoulders, and on her back.



Afraid that the girl may die or develop an infection, the suspect is said to have taken the girl to a nearby chemist who advised her to take the girl to a hospital.




When she refused, the chemist raised alarm on Sunday, August 29, exposing the suspect.


SP Geoffrey Ogbonna assured that the suspect will be prosecuted upon conclusion of the investigation.










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