Politicians are united in corruption – Mr Macaroni

The country’s political climate shifted once the 2023 election campaigns began on September 28. Consequently, campaigners have stepped up sensitization efforts everywhere.
mr macaroni
Politicians are unified in their corruption, according to Debo Adebayo, also known as Mr. Macaroni, an activist, actor, and content creator.
Mr. Macaroni used Twitter to sarcastically mock Nigerians. He asked Nigerians in his tweet whether they had witnessed how much money politicians spent on food.
Additionally, he claimed that despite having little to eat, some people still support crooked leaders.
Have you seen how much only our politicians’ food and assistance costs?
“The people have nothing to eat, but the same people are arguing among themselves about crooked politicians.
There is no drive today! If you want, don’t vote carefully.
Nigerian students have now spent more than eight months at home. While our leaders continue to send their own children abroad to receive a great education that they have failed to provide for the people at home, the education of the youth is in grave danger. How reprehensible!
“Dear fellow Nigerians, Nigeria is yours! We are the rightful owners of all the wealth, fame, and honey. It should not be distributed to a select group of people. The few want us to continue being divided so they can rob the country dry! We must understand the strength of our unity.

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