Portable Shades MC Morris As E-Money Sponsors His First Trip To The United Kingdom

emoney and portable
After E-Money paid for Portable’s trip to the UK, he became emotional and thrilled.A video of Zazu and E-Money at the airport on their way to London was posted on Instagram by the crooner.
Portable repeatedly stated in the video that EMoney had paid for his trip and that he would be eternally gratefulto both him and God for this.
Allahu Akbar (God’s blessings upon you and yours, Godfather).”
ZAzuu is grateful to the people who have shown him love since the beginning.
God sent… God, Sub, and my phone are all that matter to me on my route to Ilu Awon Osuu,” Portable said on Instagram. “Any disappointment is a blessing Bizza Bizza.”
MC Morris, who called the Canadian Embassy to cancel Portable’s visa to Canada, was also slammed by Portable.
A while back, when Portable cancelled his appearance at MC Morris’ performance because of his troubling online behavior, the MC announced the news via Twitter.


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