Support Sowore instead of Peter Obi – Ex-Labour Party chair

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Comrade Che Oyinatumba, a former chairman of the Labour Party’s Federal Capital Territory chapter in Abuja, has advised Nigerian workers and other people to back Omoyele Sowore of the African Action Congress as president in the 2023 elections rather than Peter Obi of the Labour Party.
Oyinatumba claimed he stood by his statements when he confirmed them to our journalist over the phone on Tuesday morning.
In a widely circulated video that The PUNCH was able to procure, Onyinatumba had stated that people should “do what they are doing to support Obi for Sowore instead” at a function last Friday in Abuja organized in memory of a late veteran activist, Segun Sango.
We can do the same for Sowore, who has a legal propensity to what we believe in rather than this capitalist named Peter Obi, if we are saying it is the structure and encouraging the workers to mobilize and develop the Labour Party.
He insisted that Obi would quit the Labour Party when he was elected president and added that Obi was easier to support than Sowore.
“At this point, we can all agree that Obi would depart if he won this election. We may rally around Sowore and his party or bring him into the Labour Party and give him the structure, which would be simpler and more manageable, according to Onyinatumba.
He asserted, “It is not true that the Nigerian Labour Congress is reclaiming the Labour Party,” adding that the NLC’s resolution from a few days ago, which supported an All Progressives Congress candidate for governor of Kebbi State instead of Obi, begged the question of why “the NLC would be supporting APC in Kebbi and asking other states to mobilize for Labour Party.”
Those that disagree with us are in charge of the NLC/Trade Union Congress. They don’t care about making any claims since the NLC is run by people who are searching for work and utilizing labor organizing as a pensionable job, he had stated in the video.



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