Tems Wins Best International Act At The BET Awards 2022

tems bet award winner 2022

The singer Tems in her speech of acceptance at the recent BET awards, after winning Best International Act on behalf of Wizkid and herself. She also sold Africa to the world.
Wizkid, Tems Tems as well as Justin Beiber won Best International Act at BET by performing their hit track Essence. While being awarded the prize on behalf of the trio. Tems took advantage of the occasion to promote Africa all over the globe, and make people aware of the great things that happen in Africa.
Based on Tems Tems, the spotlight is set for Africa today as everyone is watching Africans and this is a fact considering the ways Africans are breaking down barriers in the world of music, and in the present Nigeria has been awarded an BET award, even though it’s not their first time.
It’s the first time that Tems was awarded the BET award, and it’s a good thing to her she picked up two awards at the same night. We could only speculate on how thrilled and thankful she’ll feel to Wizkid for giving her the chance to share with the world the things she has achieved.




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