Ukrainian Official Invites President Biden To Kyiv Next Week If He Is “Brave”

In the midst of Russia’s continuous invasion of Ukraine, a Ukrainian official has encouraged President Joe Biden to visit Kyiv next week, stating that ‘one should not be frightened to Come if you are bold.’

President Volodymyr Zelensky’s main diplomatic adviser, Ihor Zhovka, has invited US President Donald Trump to pay a personal visit to Ukraine when he travels to Brussels for the NATO meeting next week.

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Zhovka has asked Biden to help Ukraine with its future acquisition of US armaments, including fighter jets and missiles.

The adviser also blasted Ukraine’s allies, claiming that Zelensky is ‘disappointed’ by the United States’ and NATO’s apparent refusal to comply with Ukraine’s request for a no-fly zone over its airspace.

‘Please provide us with fighter jets, please provide us with anti-missile air defense systems if NATO is unable to offer us with a humanitarian no-fly zone,’ Zhovka said during a CNN interview, according to Mediaite. ‘As a result, my president will continue to do so.’ He made a statement on it before the United States Congress. This is something he talks about on a daily basis.’

Biden, who has yet to publicly respond to Zelensky’s request, was told earlier this week that enforcing the no-fly zone would be a “act of war.” It’s still unclear how Biden will handle the situation.


Leaders from three other countries have also visited Kyiv and met with Zelensky, according to Zhovka.


‘Well, you know, just this week, three prime ministers from three friendly countries – Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia – paid a personal visit to Kyiv and met with President Zelensky,’ he replied.


‘So, why isn’t Vice President Biden coming to Ukraine to meet with President Poroshenko?’


‘Well, absolutely it is hazardous when you have a war against my nation, a war in Europe,’ Zhovka remarked when asked about Biden’s visit to Kyiv.


It’s unknown whether Biden will accept Zhovka and Zelensky’s invitation, which comes as Ukraine prepares to receive a new supply of American weapons, including javelin and stinger missiles, in the coming days.




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