Why Can’t An Igbo Man Be The President? – Pastor Paul Enenche

On Tuesday, Dunamis International Gospel Center pastor Paul Enenche blasted Nigerian politicians and party bosses for refusing to provide Southerners seats to the 2023 presidential elections.
The fiery gospel preacher criticized how ethnic and religious groups are being marginalized in the nation while speaking during the healing and deliverance service on Tuesday at the church’s headquarters, Glory Dome Abuja.
The cleric asserted that in order to quell the present secessionist agitation, major political parties, including the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the current administration’s All Progressives Congress, APC, should have zoned the president to the South-east.
He stated, “The two major parties decided to send candidates from the South-West when President Olusegun Obasanjo came into power in 1999. It was trimmed down since there were Christians from the South-West.
“At this point, what would be wrong if it were restricted to the Southeast? I am speaking aloud. People who have long felt so oppressed and marginalized.
Why won’t they use common sense and announce that the South East should produce the next president so that the parties may support candidates from the area?
“Who says that such cannot reduce the unrest in that area and also foster a feeling of community there?
“Who says an Easterner can’t be Nigeria’s president? How did they act? What have they done wrong? Who spoke it? Where did the law originate? not even once.
“Those who have held the president multiple times still want to attend. In other words, there are some persons who are not human. Such pointless activities are occurring throughout the nation in different states, but Jehovah is stopping them.
“I can tell with authority that no region of this nation is superior to another in terms of strength or quality. And I can say with authority that if the same people have been in power and everything is deteriorating, why couldn’t you try different people and see if nothing changes? whether or not things will improve. Jehovah will compel a change in it. He’ll use force to alter the story.

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