Why I gave Ebele Obiano a dirty slap – Bianca Ojukwu speaks; says the first lady smelt of Whisky

Bianca Ojukwu has explained why she slapped Ebele Obiano, the immediate past first lady of Anambra state, with a filthy slap.

On Thursday, March 17, Bianca and Ebele made headlines when they fought during the inauguration of Charles Soludo as the new governor of Anambra state. Bianca slapped Ebele in a viral video after the latter allegedly insulted her by leaving her seat. Mrs. Obiano, who was agitated following her altercation with Bianca, was also caught on camera calling Bianca “Ashawo.”

Bianca, the late Odumegwu Ojukwu’s widow, stated Ebele was visibly absent as the inauguration ceremony began in an interview with Arise TV. Ebele arrived an hour later, according to Bianca.


“I was quite unconcerned about her arrival.” She then unexpectedly stepped towards me, and I mistook her for someone coming to meet me. Instead, she verbally assaulted me with her voice raised, insulting me and demanding what I was there to accomplish, using filthy language that could not be printed.

She inquired if I had come to commemorate their last day in office, but I simply disregarded her. She then continued to place her hand on my shoulders and speak angrily.

While I ignored her verbal assault, as suggested by many around me, I requested twice that she not touch me with her hands. She did it again, this time attempting to touch my head and remove my headtie. I stepped up to defend myself at this point and gave her a filthy slap to stop her from hitting me. As she approached me, I pulled her wig away from her; she then grabbed her wig with both hands and tried to pull it away from me.

Umeh, the previous APGA chairman, instructed her to leave me alone and told everyone else to go as well. At such an early hour of the day, the stink of scotch in her breath astounded me.

What made the first lady so inebriated at the time? I stayed to see the ceremony through to the conclusion and walked away with my dignity intact”.




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