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The Canada International Admission Scholarship provides students from all around the world with the chance to enroll in any Canadian university, with a focus on international students who want to make their academic journey worthwhile.

All Canadian citizens and international students are eligible to apply for a Canada Scholarship for a variety of academic degrees. As a result, they will receive a certificate from the University of Ottawa for their Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

The Institution of Ottawa, on the other hand, was founded in 1848 as the College of Bytown and is a multilingual public research university.

This is primarily what the public research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is focused on. The university offers a diverse range of academic opportunities. Finally, the University of Ottawa offers an education that will prepare you for the next step in your career. This can be accomplished by pursuing paid, professional, career-related work opportunities in your field.

Details on Canada Scholarships in 2022

Ottawa University is a public university in Ottawa, Canada.
Master’s and Ph.D. scholarship awards: $7,500 and $9,000 each.
International Students are eligible to apply.
Canada is the recipient of the award.
Date Expires: open until date Expires: date Expires
Financial Advantages
Note: The University of Ottawa offers a $7,500 per year educational grant for Master’s degrees and $9,000 per year for Ph.D. degrees.


Job Opportunities For Immigrants – Work In Canada 2022

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria in Canada

Eligible Countries: Applications from all over the world will be recognized and reviewed.
Courses or subjects that are eligible include a master’s degree program in any academic discipline.
Eligibility Criteria: Candidates must have a minimum entrance average of 8.0 / 10 and must enroll in a master’s degree program to be considered.
Documents Required in Canada Documents Required for International Admission: Applicants must also provide a CV, a letter of recommendation, a copy of their passport, and their academic transcripts.
To be considered for admission, applicants must have a four-year honors bachelor’s degree with a 70 percent or B average.
Language Requirement: Applicants must pass one of the following exams no later than two years previous to the registration deadline.
TOEFL is an internet-based test that requires a minimum of 24 points in each of the four skills sections.
IELTS: Students will get a score of 7.0 or above in each of the four abilities.
MELAB: Students will achieve a minimum score of 90 in hearing, reading, and writing, as well as a minimum score of 3 in speaking.

How can I apply for a scholarship for International Admission to Canada?

However, in order to be considered for the award, students should enroll in the university’s postgraduate degree curriculum.

Finally, they will be admitted, and hopefuls will be able to apply for grants once the section begins.




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