World’s tallest model who stands at 6ft 9in says she struggles to find a date because of her height

A 6ft 9in tall Russian model has spoken up about her dating difficulties.

Ekaterina Lisina, the “tallest model in the world,” previously held the Guinness World Record for having the “world’s longest legs,” towering above most men, making it difficult to find a suitable date.

On her Private Talks podcast, the Russian basketballer-turned-model opened up to former porn star Alexis Texas.



Ekaterina’s father is 6ft 6in and her mother is 6ft 2in, and the model admitted to being concerned when she learned she might be as tall as her parents.

“You know those situations when you like a boy but he’s much shorter, or you want a tall boy but he won’t be with you because you’re too tall for him,” she explained.

Her worst worries came true, as she grew to be taller than her parents.


The model admitted that finding a partner who is the same height as her is difficult.


She stated that her dating limit is a man who is 5ft 7in tall, and she does not want to date anyone shorter.

“No, I believe it’s already extremely low for me,” Ekaterina said when Alexis asked if she’d ever been with someone shorter than 5ft 7in.


“The difference is over one foot; many girls can’t manage a difference of a couple of centimetres, and this is one foot.”




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